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Abraham Lincoln

The Keller Family Foundation was originally formed as the Lincoln Foundation in 1949 by Charles Keller, Jr. and Rosa Freeman Keller with 10 shares of Coca-Cola Company stock. Mr. and Mrs. Keller made various additional contributions to the Foundation throughout their lives.

Rosa and Charles Keller, Jr.

The Kellers were important and dynamic civic activists in New Orleans from the 1940's to the 1990's. They were instrumental, both as a couple and individually, in developing affordable housing for New Orleans' African American community and integrating the city's public libraries and swimming pools. The Kellers were recipients of many civic awards including Mr. Keller's Alexis de Tocqueville Society award from the United Way and Mrs. Keller's Times-Picayune Loving Cup.

The original mission of the Foundation reflected the Keller's ideals and was not significantly different than the mission of the Foundation today. That mission has now been focused clearly on those issues the Trustees see as most critical for our region.

The current Board of Trustees represents the second and third generations of Keller descendents to serve in that capacity.

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